About Pingo Soochét

Publisher of Curios, Art Books, and Objet Livre

Pingo Soochét publishes primarily fiction, poetry, and art. Its focus is publishing off-beat titles for niche audiences. Pingo Soochét evolved out of a tradition of zines and chapbooks. Its editors and designers cut their teeth on Letra-set, Xerox Art, and hand-cut stencils. Their quest is to make books worth holding, books worth chewing up the corners of, books worth buying a coffee table for.

Pingo Soochét loves books which support the romantic, nostalgic, and mystical role of books: they transcend time and space to transmit their interpretation into consciousness.

Pingo Soochét has taken the 1% pledge to donate 1% of time and product to charity. Its donations primarily benefit libraries, animal shelters, and efforts alleviate and end homelessness.

If you would like to carry Pingo Soochét titles or host an event with one of our authors please contact us