The Song Between Our Stars is a zine for 2020

OPEN CALL: Seeking your entry of original artwork, and written work, now, through the end of 2020.

Pingo Soochét

The Song Between Our Stars is a zine for 2020. It hatched as a covidzine: a way to generate revenue and interest for artists cutoff from studios and/or sales venues. It was to be a printed zine people could enjoy where ever they are, which they could share, and enjoy without a screen.

Warm Kitty Institute’s First Poetry Anthology Published

Publication Date set for World Poetry Day 3/21/2020

Pingo Soochét

New Haven, Connecticut: Niche publishing house Pingo Soochét today announced the publication of Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them, a new poetry anthology from the Warm Kitty Institute. Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs is a lighthearted art book featuring photography, illustration, and poetry from the cats at Warm Kitty Institute.