Warm Kitty Institute Announces Its First Poetry Anthology

Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them

Pingo Soochét

Cats Rarely Wish to Share Their Poems

And even more rarely does anyone wish to read their poems.

The Warm Kitty Institute was founded in 2011 to further research and development for providing real and lasting warmness for kitties. The Institute enjoys worldwide reknown for furthering the cat-lead research sciences.

Less well known is that the Warm Kitty Institute similarly houses many prolifc literary cats. The feline poets of the Institute, however, would rather nap than write poetry books for re-gifting, so their first Anthology, Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them is a long time coming.

The Institute issued a call for poetry to the various and far-flung Warm Kitty Institute annexes worldwide. By and large, the kitties preferred to respond with carefully posed selfies. But a few poems arrived also.

Reading poems by cats may prove ill-advised, but much in the literary realm shares that distinction. Their poetry orbits a few interrelated themes: napping, eating, the desire to kill, and lodging formal complaints about the lodgings. The Institute chose to include many of the selfies in the premier Anthology; no one wanted to inform those kitties that selfies don’t count as poetry, even when they are very pretty.

Join in a journey through feline obsessions, rivalry, and tradition. And selfies.

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