Warm Kitty Institute’s First Poetry Anthology Published

Publication Date set for World Poetry Day 3/21/2020

Pingo Soochét

Warm Kitty Institute’s First Poetry Anthology Published

New Haven, Connecticut: Niche publishing house Pingo Soochét today announced the publication of Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them, a new poetry anthology from the Warm Kitty Institute. Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs is a lighthearted art book featuring photography, illustration, and poetry from the cats at Warm Kitty Institute.

“People often wonder, what is that cat doing,” says Alice Eileen Fritz, illustrator of the volume. “A more interesting answer would come from the question, what does that cat think she’s doing. Cat people love Pusheen because Pusheen espouses cats‘ various interests through diverse guises. This poetry anthology is another layer of cats’ multi-faceted pursuits.”

Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them will be available on the 21st of March 2020 and is available in both paperback and hardcover editions.

Pingo Soochét is offering pre-orders of the book and related merchandise on its website. Pre-orders will be available on Amazon starting later in March. The hardcover book costs $30.00, and the paperback is priced at $16.00.

Warm Kitty Institute is a fluidly organised worldwide research conglomerate dedicated to real and lasting warmness of kitties and supports cat-lead research topics. If your cat continuously knocks things onto the floor, she may be conducting gravometric research. Your home may be an annex of the Warm Kitty Institute already.

Pingo Soochét publishes primarily fiction, poetry, and art. Its focus is publishing off-beat titles for niche audiences. Pingo Soochét evolved out of a tradition of zines and chapbooks. Its editors and designers cut their teeth on Letra-set, Xerox Art, and hand-set manuscripts. Their quest is to make books worth holding, books worth chewing up the corners of, books worth buying a coffee table for.