The Song Between Our Stars New Issue Available Now

The Song Between Our Stars v1n2 now available

Pingo Soochét

The Song Between Our Stars was founded in 2020 as a way of documenting creative reactions to contemporary issues. It is independently published twice a year, in print and online. It is edited by a group of volunteers.

The Winter 21/22 issue presents previously unpublished work. It showcases poetry, fiction, and artwork from writers and artists around the world. ​

Poetry by: Valerie Viera, Joel Long, Jerome Berglund, Stephanie Johnson, Cole McInerney, Donna Pucciani, Michael Fallon, Jeremiah Prenn, Oz Hardwick, Clara McAuley, Horia Pop, Eren Harris, Cleo Rohn, and Jordan James.

Visual Art by: george l stein, Lawrence Bridges, Ernst Perdriel, Alik Vetrof, Evan Williams, Ryoko Minamitani, Bruce Turk, Owen Brown, Barbara Martin, Carina Chang, Marsha Solomon, Kateryna Bortsova, Serge Lecomte, Eric Woods, and Van Lanigh.

Short Fiction by: Jennifer Kim, A. Farrier, Julian Santiago Munoz, Martin Toman, Bruce Meyer, and Gavin Boyter.

The online edition is free to view, and print copies are available on the website and from Amazon.

The Song Between Our Stars